Danchi Dreams

This piece was created to accompany Cody Ellingham’s exhibition of Danchi Dreams in Kiyosumi Shirakawa, Tokyo. The project takes an intriguing look into the public housing system of Japan over the years. I met Cody as he was preparing for the exhibition and we had a long conversation about the ‘sound’ of Danchi after looking through his images together. I was keen to take a trip to one of these buildings with him and the result was hours of sound recording taken from within these monolithic buildings.

The soundscape portrays a hive of activity behind closed doors.

© Cody Ellingham

© Cody Ellingham

Sound and time wAnderers

We descended late evening, armed with sound recorders and spent the night traversing the multitude of floors capturing any sound that piqued our interest; from the 5 o’ clock bell reminding everyone to get home safely to the monotonous hum of the hundreds of strip lights. We captured it all. The beautiful images in this series give a hint to the buzz of activity within their desolate scenes and the soundscape fills in the blanks.


The Exhibition

At the exhibition, Cody had also set up a separate space to mirror a typical room you’d find in a Danchi apartment, including the iconic Fusuma style doors. The room was separate from the main exhibition and afforded visitors a quiet respite. For this room he wanted a piece of music that would set the atmosphere; something to aid contemplation. This piece takes the 5 o’ clock bell chime and applies heavy processing to create a thick, voluminous drone.


Please visit http://danchi-dreams.com/ for more information on the project

There’s also a stunningly beautiful photobook for purchase here.