Soundscapes Radio

DERIVE Soundscapes Radio is a brand new soundscape/jam/performance session broadcast live on YouTube from Deakin St coffee stand in Tokyo.

A new episode will be broadcast on the 1st Friday of every month in 2019.

To be expected: field recordings of Japan, dark drones, shimmering strings & lush clouds of sound.

If you like what you hear please consider supporting the radio show by downloading any of the past episodes direct from Bandcamp.


Future Episodes

episode four

coming July 5th.. stay tuned for the YouTube link.


Past Episodes

Episode Three

This episode begins with the updated Generative piece that I wrote for the Future Cities Taipei event and goes on from there..


Episode two

For this episode I slowed down my usual process quite a bit to let the sounds breathe for themselves. Less rushing; more time and attention. Almost everything you hear was made with Ableton and the OP-1.


Episode one

A look back at the music I’ve made over the past year with various projects including the DERIVE series and Future Cities. Featuring the debut of the latest piece in the DERIVE series; DERIVE Hong Kong.