Future cities

Future Cities is a new interactive experience melding 3D photogrammetry techniques created by the Derive team. The images of the city are combined with a hypnotic soundscape to create a fully immersive fly through of a city that people can explore at their own pace. We stepped back, handed over the controls and let the viewer wander to their heart’s content.

exploring the past, from the future


The interactive experience was accompanied by a unique ambient soundtrack which guided the viewer on their journey though Tokyo. It includes field recordings made from Tokyo, a pulsating rhythm and a thick cloud-like texture of drones that encapsulate the chaotic nature of the city.

So far we’ve brought Future Cities to Tokyo & Taipei and next month we will bring it to Wellington, New Zealand. The facebook event can be found here.

The Derive Team:

Cody Ellinghamphotographer

Ruben Fro3D creator

Simon James French • sound designer

to discover more please follow https://derive.tokyo/